CAT is a global community-based open source blockchain project, a distributed cloud computing platform with blockchain technology and a high-performance DAPP application platform, a new community incentive mechanism and autonomous system to achieve a global distribution of smart economy. Scale-scale free economic synergy network.

CAT was formally established in 2017 and has been developing global distributed communities since March 2018. With CAT at the core of community development, we will build a million-level global developer community. We will collaborate in real time on Reddit, Discord, Github, twitter and Bitcointalk channels.

Cross-chain application + distributed cloud computing + distributed storage + intelligent contract mechanism = intelligent economy

high performance and high concurrency

Using low-latency and high-concurrency acceleration engine technology,

it can support millions of transactions per second,

achieving the effect of second-level confirmation.

high scalability

DAPP’s distributed data storage supports

diverse distributed application scenarios


a new support for anonymous p2p encrypted communication VPN network

Distributed quantum key distribution mechanism QKD protocol

Active security data protection mechanism

The new keccak-512 hash algorithm reduces

the probability of quantum anti-quantum attacks.

Simple development

modular BAAS development platform Friendly and efficient intelligent contract mechanism

Support for Python, Javascript, JAVA, Golang, C+, Ruby, etc.


The best blockchain development language NAM and NAM VM independent virtual machine

low latency and low power consumption: low transfer fee and 0.2s second-level confirmation speed.

The world’s first blockchain soft and hard combination of Gcloud Everest cloud computing platform

general blockchain industry solutions:

High-performance 15000+TPS processing speed, CAT Columbus segmentation design provides application support for 10 million blockchain users.